Hello! I’m Nick.

I’m the one on the left. The little guy behind me is Tom, my amazing son. He’s way cooler than me.

I’m in love with what I do for a living, and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Just thinking about what the future holds for my wedding photography has me bursting with excitement! I really do love it that much! I get to create art every single day and my hours are spent at cool locations on the happiest and biggest day of people’s lives. Who wouldn’t love that?

My days are filled with discovering endless ways to further perfect my art, and to make my photography even more profound and beautiful to anyone that sees it. I chase perfection in everything I do, and I work with the vision that your photographs will be seen by the future generations of your family. Capturing your wedding day is one of the most important ways to tell the story of your love, and it’s something I care deeply about. We rock up together on the biggest day of your life to create something wonderful and cool. My approach is completely laid back, and I just let your wedding day unfold – exactly as it should.

I live near Cardiff in South Wales with my 2 awesome children and incredible wife and best friend, Theresa. My life is a match of wedding photography and family, and the two shape who I am as a father and husband.

I’ve had the huge honour to win some pretty cool awards on this journey, the biggest being two times winner of “Best Wedding Photographer in Wales” at the Welsh National Wedding Awards, and “Photographer of the Year” at the V Awards 8 times in a row.  I’d love to think that this is a reflection of the amazing people I work with that bring the very best out of my time together with them on their wedding day.

The kindness, love and friendship that I’ve been able to experience whilst doing this, is a huge reason that I’ll be doing this forever. You are simply the most awesome, warmest, kindest people in the world.

I’d love to hear more about your love story, and how your wedding plans are going! Drop me a message if you’d like a chat. I want to make your wedding photography the most beautiful, meaningful collection of memories you’ll ever have.

Huge, big, massive love,

Nick x